DHEA Supplementation
With or without coenzyme Q10 supplementation


Up to June 2014, we had 330 IUI cycles on DHEA and Coenzyme Q10, and 467 cycles on DHEA alone. Additionally, we had 78 IVF cycles on DHEA and Coenzyme Q10 and 175 on DHEA alone. In both IUI and IVF, the antral follicle count was higher with the combination of DHEA and Coenzyme Q10 compared with DHEA alone. DHEA and Coenzyme Q10 resulted in more follicles at the time of ovulation during IUI cycles, while lower mean total gonadotropin dosage was administered after DHEA and Coenzyme Q10 supplementation compared with DHEA alone in IVF cycles. Pregnancy and delivery rates were similar for both IUI and IVF. Our studies concluded that the use of DHEA and Coenzyme Q10 supplementation increases antral follicle count and improves ovarian responsiveness during IUI and IVF without a difference in clinical outcome.

This work was published in the journal of Gynecololical Endocrinology, Volume 32, 2016- issure 7. You can see these results under our PUBLISHED RESEARCH page.