Additional Resources


  • Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Fertility Services - Ontario's Fertility Program.Ontario’s new Fertility Program provides funding to help eligible Ontarians build their families at 52 fertility clinics across the province.

  • Adoption Council of Canada. In Canada, adoption is a provincially mandated issue, and as such, has rules and regulations regarding all aspects of adoption, that may differ, depending on where you reside. The Adoption Council of Canada is your definitive source for information and links to current provincial guidelines.

  • Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society. The CFAS is a multidisciplinary national non-profit Society that serves as the voice of reproductive specialists, scientists, and allied health professionals working in the field of Assisted Reproduction in Canada. 

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC is responsible for the immigration process that allows the child you have adopted or intend to adopt to come to Canada. 

  • Fertility Matters Canada (FMC). FMC is the national organization that empowers Canadians to help reach their reproductive health goals by providing support, awareness, information and education; and promoting equal access to fertility treatments. 

  • Infertility Network (IN). The IN strives to: Provide support and information to help people make informed choices about their family-building options; advocate for reform of gamete donation practices so that they may better meet the needs of offspring for medical and identity purposes; and develop public understanding and awareness of infertility, reproductive technology and related issues.

  • Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), Yale University. A leading fertility center located in New York City. CHR is known as a “fertility center of last resort,” primarily serving patients who have previously failed treatments elsewhere.